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About Smart Set
Smart Set, one of the six banners belonging to Reitmans Canada Limited, the largest women’s fashion retailer in Canada offers a social shopping experience that sparks creativity, confidence and effortless personal style.

So what is the story behind the long standing success of this reputable brand?
It all started in 1926 when Sarah and Herman Reitman opened the first Reitmans “general” store on St-Laurent Street in Montreal. In response to the immense popularity of their clothing line, they opened a second store the following year which exclusively sold women's apparel.
In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, hosiery grew in popularity and the Reitmans family created their unique hosiery brand called Smart Set. It was love at first sight for Reitmans’ customers. They fell head over heels for Smart Set hosiery.

In 1970 the first Smart Set store opened its doors in Ontario. This new store concept targeted a young and dynamic female clientele and it quickly gained recognition across the country.

In the early 2000s, Smart Set stores made their debut in power centers. Today Smart Set stores are located in almost every Canadian province.
Over the last number of years Smart Set has frequently refreshed its look in response to its customers’ changing fashion needs.

After 40 years in business, Smart Set is renowned in the industry for providing both exceptional customer service and quality merchandise at a great value.

With their curated fashion collection Smart Set invites you to learn the art of styling, embrace your one-of-a-kind cool and share the fun of shopping together!